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Fluidity is a digital platform custom built for online exhibitions, created by Valerie Amend. 


The internet acts as a starting place to develop artwork outside the pressures of contemporary art production. Its malleable presence, transmittable contents, and hidden forms produce the opportunity for networks to expand. With these tools we can envision a sustainable and organic future outside the constructs of contemporary art. 


Accessibility is an important factor for hosting exhibitions online. The temporality of the Internet allows this platform the space and timeframe for visitors to explore its duration. Links to view these projects can be easily shared, work can be viewed on a variety of devices, and there is no admission fee or institutional context that prescribes social norms or behaviors for visitors to the exhibition. Virtual space allows the luxury of site specificity for every artwork. The sustainability of this site is integral for its future operation as an alternative to the brick-and-mortar establishments of contemporary art. The realization of this platform allows art to act as a resource. 


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