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Miyö Van Stenis

Name: Miyö Van Stenis
Age: 28
Location: Paris, France
Presented works: View Miyö's works here 
Astrological sign: Leo 
Most recently used emojis:










How long have you been showing artwork on the internet?
Since 2009
What about exhibiting online interests you?
It's direct, fast, cheap and mainstream… the mediation between space and the work are less complex as working in an IRL space, but attribute the same quality experience.
All artists have been asked to contribute two works for this exhibition. How do your works relate to one another? Is there a specific point of entry or reference that inspired these pieces?
I like to think that mostly all my works are part of a series or at least a MOMENTUM that could be related aesthetically or by the matters of the investigation. Also I created editions of the same piece, as the one presented for this exhibition.
Is there a pop culture reference that illustrates or inspires these worlds?
In the wake of countless unpleasant realities, do you see escapism and fantasy as critical tools that can allow us to better understand the present?
Fantasy--it's a very interesting nomenclature for humanity. We want to be surprised, we need to imagine, we need to feel that there is something more outside this concrete reality. Fantasy, for some people, could be necessary for spiritual growth. But the act of escapism--a negation of reality-- may be necessary, but too unconscious for me to conceive of it as a critical tool.
Leon Battista Alberti theorized that painting should act as a window to the world. Can the screen act as a portal to worlds unknown?
"[Images] are no longer the mirror of reality, they are living in the heart of reality -aliens, no more reflecting, but haunting reality - and have transformed it into hyperreality, where, from screen to screen, the only destiny of the image is the image itself. The image cannot imagine the real any longer, because it has become the real. It can no longer transcend reality, transfigure it, nor dream it, because it has become its own reality. " - BAUDRILLARD J. Art & Artefacts, 1997
What are other themes or formats have you been exploring in your work as of late?
I’ve experimented with pretty much all types of technology or devices related, directly or not, with the Internet. I like to think that my work is centered in the criticism and the aesthetics of new medias/technologies; but lately as the matter of my work becomes political, I’m in a more ontological perception of domination taken by objects or individuals.
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