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Nicolas Sassoon

Name: Nicolas Sassoon
Age: 36
Location: Vancouver BC, Canada
Presented works: View Nicolas' works here 
Astrological sign: Leo / Rooster
Most recently used emojis:










How long have you been showing artwork on the internet?
What about exhibiting online interests you?
All artists have been asked to contribute two works for this exhibition. How do your works relate to one another? Is there a specific point of entry or reference that inspired these pieces?
The two works depict former underground venues from Vancouver BC Canada. Both works were "drawn" from memory and were rendered using the same imagery/methodology: isometric perspective, pixelated patterns, black and white palette. Both works were informed by my experiences of co-organizing after-hours events in these venues.
Is there a pop culture reference that illustrates or inspires these worlds? 
In the wake of countless unpleasant realities, do you see escapism and fantasy as critical tools that can allow us to better understand the present?
I see escapism and fantasy as platforms to take a necessary break from the present.
Leon Battista Alberti theorized that painting should act as a window to the world. Can the screen act as a portal to worlds unknown?
I dont think a screen should be used for any other purpose other than as a portal to worlds unknown.
What are other themes or formats have you been exploring in your work as of late?
My recent research includes materializing some of my digital works as wheatpasted laser prints, rendering sea creatures as radioactive mutants in collaboration with Rick Silva, scenes of hurricanes and the history of tourism.
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